At Garrison Creek Community Daycare we believe we have a responsibility to support the potential of all the children in our care. We take pride in ensuring that our staff have a deep understanding of how Learning Happens in young children (pedagogy). Our staff embrace the ELECT document (Early Learning for Every Child Today) as the foundation of our philosophy. The goal is to harness the inherent development of the children in our care. It is understood that each child arrives at our centre with unique talents, skills, family compilations, history, and values. By respecting and acknowledging every child as an individual, is competent, and capable of complex thinking we believe that each child has potential, and that is is our role to challenge and give then the opportunity to succeed.  We provide opportunities to express differences and build on community values.

By focussing on four basic foundations, our staff will help the children make real-life connections to their peers, adults, and the natural world:

Belonging - Every child needs to have a sense of belonging and connectedness to others. This is an individual's experience of feeling valued, forming relationships with others and making contributions as part of a group, community, the natural world.                                 Well-Being - The addresses the importance of physical and mental well-being. This incorporates the capacities such as self-care, sense of self, and self regulation skills.        Engagement - Suggests a state of being involved and focused. When children are able to explore the world around them with their natural curiosity and exuberance, they are fully engaged. Through this type of play and inquiry, they develop skills such as problem solving, creative thinking, and innovating, which are essential for learning and success in school and beyond.                                                                                                                              Expression - or communication (to be heard, as well as to listen) may take many different forms.  Through their bodies, words, and use of materials, children develop capacities for increasingly complex communication. Opportunities to explore materials that support creativity, problem solving, and mathematical behaviors. Language-rich environments support growing communication skills, which are foundational for literacy.

We believe that by incorporating these foundations throughout all aspects of our program, we will ensure optimal learning and healthy development. The children are encouraged to develop as individuals, to learn to co-operate and interact with peers and adults within the Daycare's environment, and in the larger world outside. We provide opportunities to test, and realize that all actions have a reaction and consequences. Our children are taught the skills necessary to achieve self-regulation, and the ability to solve interpersonal conflicts with minimal adult intervention.

Through observations of each individual child, our staff program activites that will challenge each child's interests and stimulate curiosity through play. Programme goals are established and evaluated by staff and the Director on a weekly basis to ensure quality care is consistent.

We strive to create a relaxed, enjoyable and loving atmosphere — a home away from home.